Daniel Diego started producing when he was young. After some years he found his great love for various house genres and edm. Thanks to his passion for playing guitar, he developed a solid musical basis. His music has been played by names like Benny Rodrigues and DJ Jean and got airplay on the radio. Besides DJ'ing, Daniel works as a mastering engineer (audio balancing). Daniel Diego mastered songs that reached over 1 million YouTube views like Jordi Rivera’s song called 'VIP' and music like Sonny Bass’ song 'No Stress' which has been been played by Don Diablo at Ziggo Dome Amsterdam (NL), EDC Orlando & Las Vegas (USA) and in his radio show.

'Um That' has been released in 2017 and received worldwide support. 'Um That' has been premiered on the big YouTube channel Future House Records and got more than 30.000 YouTube views and 250.000 Spotify plays. Dancers from Hawaii to Mexico to The Netherlands made dance videos on 'Um That' and the song got airplay on the radio. 'Um That' gained thousands of views on Spotify and is still climbing!

Listen here to 'Um That'.

Daniel Diego DJ’d at the same line-up with DJ’s like Gregor Salto, Jean, Dennis van der Geest, Eric van Kleef, Jose, Marc Benjamin, Rishi Romero, Jurgen and many more!

Daniel produced 'Moondancers' with Prunk. MOTi also known as Groovenatics in his younger years, made a remix of the song. MOTi released also music with Martin Garrix and Tiësto, just to get an idea of this talent! The 'Moondancers' remix was released by Spinnin Records on the Sneakerz CD and entered the Dutch Compilation Charts at Nr. 6. With artists like Sidney Samson, Gregor Salto and Funkerman on this CD, Daniel made promising steps into the scene.

Daniel Diego DJ'd at various locations in Amsterdam like Bitterzoet, Panama, Club ABE Amsterdam, De Heeren van Aemstel, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Level Eleven and Akhnaton. Besides, he DJ'd at many student parties in the Amsterdam area and at Bob's Party Palace which is one of the first clubs where DJ Hardwell started DJ'ing.

Listen here to the 'Moondancers' remix.

Daniel Diego DJ'd in the Coolcat video clothing commercial. Watch the commercial here and spot Daniel Diego!